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The Big Heat
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The Big Heat

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Parola chiave: Fiction  Crime  Novels  Crime fiction  Noir  Crime detective  Noir novels  Black as noir  Ear candy 
15 OCT 2019
Murder was in the air. A cop had killed himself, and every crook in town knew that would be sure to bring on the big heat. It all started innocently enough, when a cop committed suicide. It was worry over ill health, said his wife. Detective Dave Bannion wasn\'t so sure, but when he started digging, he was told to lay off--fast! Instead, he turned in his badge and started stalking the city streets and bars in search of the truth. There he uncovered a red-hot story of murder and corruption that would blow Philadelphia\'s underworld sky high. Bannion was big, strong, and angry enough to kill, but he was only one honest man in a city full of mobsters and crooked cops. The big heat was on.

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